Class Syllabus

9th Grade Social Studies

“How can we know who we are without our past?”
~ John Steinbeck
The Grapes of Wrath

Teacher:  Mr. Hughes

Room:      5



Welcome!  This course is a study of America's developing role in the world from the early 1800's to Post World War I. The course will also stress the continual change in the United States Government as it is developing. A variety of activities and resources will be used.


What I Expect:

Ø   You will be engaged participants, active critical thinkers and take personal responsibility for your work.

Ø   You will show respect to all persons in class with you at all times.

Ø   You will demonstrate complete academic honesty and integrity.

Ø   You will not understand everything right away and you will ask for help when you need it!

Ø   You will produce quality work and demonstrate original thought.

Ø   You will come to talk with me if you have any problems, questions or concerns about our class.


What You Expect: 

Ø  I will give you clear instructions and assignments with purpose and meaning.

Ø  I will give you feedback on your work and valid assessments.

Ø  I will treat you fairly and with respect.

Ø  I will listen to your needs and concerns.

Ø  I will be available to help you.


CLASS PREPARATION:  You will need the following everyday.

a.  An open mind and a strong work ethic.                                        

b.  Textbook – The Americans: Reconstruction to the 21st century

c.  Laptop

d.  Notebook to keep all notes for the year

e.  1 Folder 

f.  Pencil or Pen


NOTEBOOK and FOLDER:  You will be responsible for maintaining a notebook and class folder.  The purpose of these is to help you keep track of materials we will refer to throughout the year, especially as you prepare for your semester exams.  Remember, each unit builds upon the next; therefore, work completed during the first six weeks will be as relevant during the last six weeks. 

As 9th graders, you need to develop a system of organization that works for you.  Therefore, I do not have specific guidelines, but I recommend that you place all assignments and notes in order by chapter and section.  I will periodically give you a notebook quiz.  It will be your responsibility to find your materials quickly and within the time allotted for the quiz. 



Grades will be based on multiple assessments throughout the year.  Formal and informal assessments will be based on your knowledge of major concepts. You will demonstrate this through class work (individual and group assignments), unit tests, quizzes, projects and writing assignments.  Grades will be calculated based of the following points:

Test- 100 pts

Projects/long writing assignments- 50-100 pts

Quizzes/short writing assignments- 25 pts

Class/Homework- 10 pts


A+    98-100    B+  87-89   C+   77-79   D+   67-69   F  Below 60

A      93-97      B    83-86   C     73-76    D     63-66

A-     90-92      B-   80-82   C-    70-72   D-    60-62



Each class will have an assigned tray on my desk. ALL test, assignments and projects must be turned in to the appropriate tray. Failure to do so could lead to assignments being considered late.


a.     Late Work: Late work will be accepted after the original due date for 60% of the original points. 

b.      Make-Up Work (absent):  If you are absent it is your responsibility to check with me (before or after school) for work and/or handouts you have missed.  You have the same number of days to complete it as you were absent.  Many of your daily grades will be based on quizzes.  Consequently, if you have not made up a quiz before they have been returned to the rest of the class, you will have to take an alternative quiz.   Please discuss this with me before or after school.




Please do not ask to leave class during the middle of a class discussion.  If you do need to use the restroom please raise your hand and ask me (do not interrupt a class discussion or activity).  Abuse of the restroom will result in the loss of using the restroom during class time.



Classroom rules were basically covered earlier with my expectations for you.

1.      You will be engaged participants, active critical thinkers and take personal responsibility for your work. (Raise your hand when you want to talk, listen when others are talking)

2.      You will show respect to all persons in class with you at all times. (Treat others the way you want to be treated)

3.      You will demonstrate complete academic honesty and integrity. (Do your own work, no need to cheat)


If YOU CHOOSE to break these rules or disrupt others there will be consequences.

1.      Verbal adjustment and then move on

2.      One on one conversation

3.      Phone call to parents

4.      Discipline referral



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