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Discussion Board

Discussion Board

Discussion Board Link: 9SS Discussion Board

What is the Discussion Board:

  • The Discussion Board is a communication tool that will be used in your history class. I will post a question, that may require extra reading, to the board roughly every other week.

  • Your job is to write a response to the question, this should be between 3-4 sentences, and then respond to your classmates post (2-3 sentences each). You are required to respond to at least 2 of your classmates responses.

The Points Awarded:

  • Show that you understand the content of the discussion through your response to the question and to your classmates is worth 5 points

    • Make sure to support your ideas and opinions

  • How well you write out your responses- complete sentences, well organized and free of grammatical errors is worth 5 points

  • Participating in the discussions is worth 5 points.

  • In total this assignment is worth 15 points.

When is it due?

  • Initial responses to the discussion question must be completed by 7:45am, 2 days after being assigned the question. (Wednesdays)

  • All parts need to be completed by 2:45pm on the date that they are due. (Fridays)

  • If we miss school on a due date, it will be due the next school day at the same time.

  • You may or may not be given time during class to complete discussion board assignments

These assignments will be given almost every full week of the school year.


  • Questions will be posted on Monday mornings

  • You respond with your initial response by Wed. morning (7:45am)

  • You respond to at least 2 of your classmates responses by Friday (2:45pm)

Discussion Board Rubric
Descriptions5pts No Revisions Needed3pts Minor Revisions Needed1pt Major Revisions needed0pts Did not meet requirements
Point descriptions15pts PossiblePerfect- no changesA few errors, didn't fully participateAlot of errors, did not participate muchDid not participate at all
ParticipationProvides comments and new information in a regular and equitable manner.Interacts with a variety of participants. Need to make comments to at least 2 classmates.
Understanding of ContentRevealed a solid understanding of the topic as evidenced by thoughtful responses and questions.
Writing MechanicsComplete sentences, well organized, grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.